Aerospace and Defense

We support institutional and private actors of the African continent to build efficient strategy in the defence sector and to develop strategic assets to support a sovereign development.

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Military and commercial aerospace industry are thriving as the world become more complex and more connected. Moreover, the upcoming decades will bring new stakes and new challenges to address for the aerospace industry such as:

• Environmental responsibility (round 2% of the CO2 emissions) in front of commercial hypersonic flights
• Connected and autonomous aviation
• New uses (drones…)
• Passenger experience on board
• 4.0 Industry

The African continent has a great role to play within this industry, all the more so as aviation could answer some of the infrastructures lacks in Africa. The success story of Ethiopian Airlines, which is to gather a 150 planes fleet by 2025, should not remain an exception and the success of Fastjet in Tanzania is a great materialization of an African lowcost aeronautic success. Ed Winter, former responsible for Easy Jet in Europe and CEO of Fastjet, said in 2014 that around one third of Fastjet clients did not take a plane before getting into their planes.

The control of the skies also remains as a great challenge for many countries and is a stake of sovereignty for any country. Here, the aerospace industry enters the domain of the national defence which gather so many forms which cross one another until new territories like cyberspace.

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According to the British consulting firm Ovum, a billion people in Africa will have Internet access by 2022. The more attractive you get, the more threats come along. With the rise of Internet in Africa, the risks of cyberattacks is expanding. The growing number of citizens will only deepen those threats.

Facing a rapid adoption of mobile technology, Africa has been among the fastest growing regions in terms of cybercrime activities to the extent that the continent is considered a source of significant cyberattacks targeting the rest of the world.

Indeed, cybercrime is shifting towards the emerging countries where the lack of network and information security benefits cyberattacks. Furthermore, the recent use of information and communications technologies in support of terrorism attacks throughout Africa is adding an additional dimension to the cybersecurity issue.

Consequently, African countries and companies need to urgently scale up efforts to combat cybercrimes through a multi-stakeholder approach involving government, industry and civil society organizations. In accordance with this situation, we help you to provide a risk-based approach to manage cybersecurity risks. 

Thanks to the experience of your consultants in company such as Safran, Airbus and Thales, we help you to develop and build an efficient strategy which aims to take advantage of the opportunities laying in the defence sector as an industry, from aerospace to cyberspace, and to take up the challenges of sovereignty as a nation member.

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