Turn Your Project into a Business

The entrepreneur pack is aimed at project leaders who want to bring their ideas to life in a simple way. In a few sessions, it will allow you to initiate your administrative procedures, set up a development strategy and a viable business model presentable to investors and launch your presence on the Internet.


1. Discovery Workshop (2 hours)

During this workshop, we will focus on the discovery of your project and challenge it. We will look at your needs and the administrative arrangements required to set up your organisation.
Following this workshop, both parties will come out with a first roadmap. Yours will allow you to start your first administrative procedures. Ours will consist of an
operational analysis of the target market, in terms of demand, competitors and existing solutions.

2. Design Thinking Workshop (3 hours)

Based on the operational analysis of the target market, we will develop your company’s innovative business model and long-term strategy together during a Design Thinking workshop conducive to innovation.

3. Launch Plan Workshop (3 hours)

During this last workshop, we will work together to develop a business plan and a launch plan for your first years of business to ensure your successful development. In addition, we will prepare a slide deck of presentation of your company for your future clients, partners and investors. Finally, in order to enhance the value of these significant advances and present them to your future clients, we will develop a showcase website for you.


1. Administratives Arrangements

2. Operational Market Analysis

3. Business Model

4. Long-term Strategy

5. Business Plan

6. Launch Plan

7. Slide Deck

8. Showcase Website


Tailor-made (for the whole package)

STRATEGIC NOTE Develop Your Vision

It will allow you to project yourself into the future.  It will set the course that will support your organization’s long-term development and success.

We assist institutional and private players in the DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A LONG-TERM STRATEGY to serve a strategic and sovereign economic fabric. The sectors targeted in priority operate in the fields of Aerospace and Defense. 


1. Identify

Market Researches (Potential, Share, Characteris-tics) ;

2. Design

Design Thinking sessions and development of a Business Model & Plan;

3. Plan

Elaboration of a Strategy based on Operational Recommandations.

Our Tools


An innovation management method that will enable you to develop ambitious projects with your entire team.


Business model innovation creates a more profitable and sustainable competitive advantage than any other form of innovation.

MARKET ANALYSIS Enlarge Your Understanding

It will allow you to understand your environment. We help you to position your products, services and investments in new markets and to prepare for acquisitions.

We accompany the dynamics of intra-African and Europe/Africa internationalisation using our experience in the field. Thanks to our multiscalar analysis and our mastery of spatial imaging technologies and cartography, you will be able to DESCRIBE THE MOST COMPLEX SITUATIONS AND BENEFIT FROM THEM.


1. Explore

Segmentation, Product, Pricing, Promotion, Distribution Researches ;

2. Assess

Benchmark (Competitive Analysis) of your competitors ;

3. Investigate

Due diligence of the actors of interest.

Our Tools


The use of spatial imaging technologies is revolutionising traditional analysis by providing access to previously inaccessible information.


A real operational decision-making tool, the map will enable you to identify the opportunities to be seized in the most complex areas.

Transformation Plan Boost Your Innovation

It may concern project management, digital transformation or purchasing. It will enable you to move towards greater results and efficiency within your organisation in particular thanks to Business Intelligence methods.

We believe in the humanist concept of economic peace which aims to put the company back at the heart of society and man at the heart of the company. With the help of this unique expertise developed with our partners, we assist organisations in Africa to TRANSFORM THEMSELVES TO IMPROVE THEIR RESULTS AND EFFICIENCY.


1. Analyse

Analysis and visualization of available internal data ;

2. Imagine

Design Thinking sessions to identify the shock points ;

3. Transform

Elaboration of a Transformation Plan based on Operational Recommandations.

Our Tools


Using Tableau Software and Power BI. It will enable the development of an effective strategy using data analyse and datavisualization: a data drivenstrategy.


We ensure the sucess of your development strategy by guiding you in its implementation.

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